High Density Micromachining Technology


  • Satosen offers multi-layer high-density/IVH/BVH/build-up printed circuit boards that allow for a high degree of freedom when it comes to design.

  • With its ultra-high speed small caliber rotary drilling machinery, high-density circuit formation (L/S = 30μ/40μ) using LDIs (Laser Direct Imaging Devices), x-ray origin drilling equipment and high-density, multi-layered print circuit boards of stable quality, Satosen is able to provide improved hole position quality.
  • With flat plugs (Pad on Via), components assembly over through hole becomes possible.
  • Through the use of landless through holes, narrow-pitch patterns are supported.
  • With CCD, accuracy improvements are made possible for presses, routers and V-cuts(±75) so as to match pattern positions.

Pattern-standardized contouring

  • Super-fine printing technology

As its traceability management of manufactured goods , Satosen carry out traditional silk and other forms of printing for large-size printed circuit boards.

However, small-size printed circuit boards really struggled with the printing of individual characters.

Satosen is well-equipped for super-fine printing jobs and has effective methods for dealing with the traceability of individual printed circuit boards.

Super-fine printing technology