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With its rich history of customer satisfaction, Satosen provides expertise in technological development and the crafting of solutions.

Printed Electronics PCB
Stretchable PCB

Good conformability to rugged surface with circuit secured its electric conductivity  in expand and contract state. It can also be applied to flexible seat heater. Compliance to wider range of manufacturing size(low to highvolume) than the different solution with conductive fiber.

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Ultra-Short Trial Manufacturing Delivery Lead Times

Satosen is able to provide prototype manufacturing with ultra-short lead times.

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Pattern Design

Experienced Satosen designers produce designs that take into account special characteristics, functions and implementation. These designers are also well-equipped to deal with highly challenging analog circuit board design as well as the detailed support that such design requires.

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Categories of Printed Circuit Boards

Satosen can fabricate one-sided, two-sided, and multi-layer printed circuit boards, as well as boards with unique substrates.

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Types of materials and Surface Processing

High Tg, low dielectric constant materials, high damping materials, heat dissipation materials, etc. Electrolytic bondable gold plating, non-electrolytic NiPdAu, etc.

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Our FAQ features questions received from customers - as well as their answers - listed up according to category.

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