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Printed circuit boards increasingly demand high performance and high precision. With its proposed solutions for those working in the design, development, technology and procurement areas, Satosen provides high-quality printed circuit boards that are sure to satisfy.

High Density Fine Circuit Pattern Technology

With its Fine Circuit Pattern technology, Satosen is capable of effectively implementing narrow-pitch BGA, flip chip, build up, IVH and BVH as well as flat plugs. Outer-profiling to match pattern positions is also no problem.

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COB Technology (Chip-On-Board)

Providing surface treatments suitable for COB, Also Satosen has technologies of plating tie bar free electrolytic bondable gold plating.

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High Luminance & Heat Dissipation Technology

Satosen provides reflector processing, surface treatment suited to LED wavelengths, and heat dissipation boards that maintain appropriate heat-juncture temperatures.

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Miniaturization & Ultra-Thin Technology

With its rigid-flex technology, Satosen makes space savings and cost cutting a reality. At 0.04 t, Satosen's ultra-thin boards can be enabled for mobile devices.

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High Frequency Technology

With its selection of materials appropriate for high-speed transmission, layer configuration, simulation circuit design and impedance control, our high frequency technology has all those special characteristics that are in such demand these days.

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Printed Circuit Boards Enabled for Substantial Electrical Currents

With pattern designs aimed at machinery and devices that require significant amounts of electricity to function properly, Satosen provides printed circuit boards that draw upon demand characteristics, further bolstering the reliability of components and the like.

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Molding Resin Leakage Prevention & Molding Dam Technologies

Prevents the flow and spread of molding resin to the through hole.

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Dust Prevention Technology

Satosen provides die bodies that decrease external edge fluffing and burring by means of the use of special dies for optical products that are sensitive to dust and dirt.

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