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Satosen is able to produce both prototype manufacture and mass production on the same line, making smooth start-up and procurement a reality.

<<Satosen>> Trial manufacture and mass production are carried out on the same line at the same plant

Satosen's shareable line allows it to move smoothly from the prototype manufacture to the mass production stage. Beginning in the design phase, our design veterans place priority on product quality consistent with ease of mass production. This production structure makes for smooth start-up, presenting the customer with a trouble-free solution to their production needs.

<<Other companies>> Trial manufacture and mass production are carried out at different plants

Plants that only carry out prototype manufacture place a priority on delivery; even when technical specifications are impossible to fulfill, these facilities move ahead with manufacturing en masse, selecting the closest product fit for the customer. Therefore, when it comes to the mass production process, because specifications have not been modified from the prototype manufacture plant, yields suffer, leading to difficulties in launching mass production and increased risk of design changes and other difficulties. Initial costs are incurred by both the prototype manufacture as well as the mass production facilities, and these costs are passed on to the customer.