Advanced Circuit Board Design


1. Satosen's experienced pattern designers are also comfortable working with analog design

It takes a considerable amount of time to acquire the skills necessary to design printed circuit boards. Satosen pattern designers have over 20 years experience in the field, so Satosen is well-equipped to work with analog circuits, which require a high level of technical expertise and experience.

2. Satosen specifications include measurements that assure efficient materials use and stable product quality for mass production

Material plates used in printed circuit boards are of a standard size so Satosen arranges the design stages so that efficient measurements can be taken, assuring that the largest number of circuit boards can be created from one material plate, and otherwise takes the steps necessary to foresee the needs of the mass production stage.

3. Support for back annotation (varies depending on the type of printed circuit board)

After design operations, each component of the diagram data is indexed, and the design data is returned to the customer, lessening the data processing burdens for the customer.

4. CAD design and design/modification with CSI-CAD are all possible with DXF data procurement

For standardized DXF data, which is compatible with many applications, we can produce CAD designs as long as this data is provided. Satosen can also provide CSI-CAD designs/modifications.

5. Our in-house staff is experienced with CAD design and CAM compilation, making for streamlined coordination after data is received

It is quite common for circuit board manufacturers to outsource the CAD/CAM process, but at Satosen we have both a CAD and CAM department. If an issue arises or there are changes, Satosen is able to react quickly. Furthermore, even when we are only undertaking the mass production process, our CAM Department will carry out a full acceptance inspection to see if manufacturing is feasible.

6. Satosen is equipped to deal with the gigahertz (GHz) transmission SIM cards on information devices and other equipment.

The high-frequency circuit boards used in information devices that are in such demand these days need impedance control in order for their circuits to operate properly. At Satosen, expert designers work in cooperation with the site to ensure a stable environment for gigahertz (GHz) transmission SIM cards.