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Circuit formation Do you have any methods for improving the positional accuracy of front- and back-side patterns? We have a proven track record of positional accuracy up to ±30μm. It is a possibility for high precision patterning by LDI exposure machine and boring with small diameter drill by ultra-high speed rotary drilling machinery.
Bondable gold plating Does Satosen have surface treatments suitable for bonding with COB circuit boards? Satosen has a track record built on 25 years of success when it comes to COB circuit boards, maintaining in-house production lines and providing stable surface treatment with bonding strength.
Bondable gold plating For design simplicity, can Satosen carry out bondable gold plating without usage of lead? With our unique lead-free electrolytic bondable gold plating and non-electrolytic bondable gold plating, Satosen can carryout gold plating without the use of lead.
Bondable silver plating Can Satosen handle non-electrolytic silver plating? Satosen can carry out non-electrolytic silver plating.
Sealing resin leakage prevention When using a sealing resin, can you prevent it from leaking to the other side of the through hole? We can use an epoxy to permanently fill in the hole to prevent the sealer from leaking.
Sealing resin leakage prevention In the case of preventing sealing resin from leaking through the hole, what can you do when you want to carry out that solder is sucked in the through hole? Satosen has two methods for dealing with this situation: application of a film solder resist or copper tent to the through hole.
Contour precision Does Satosen have a way to improve the positional accuracy of contouring and patterns? We have a proven track record of positional accuracy up to ±50μm.
LDI exposure machine is a possibility for patterning while high-precision V-cut machine with CCD can be used for V-cuts.
V-cut position precision Does Satosen have a way to improve the positional accuracy of V-cuts and patterns? We have a proven track record of positional accuracy up to ±50μm.
Satosen uses LDI exposure machine for patterning and routing machine with CCD for high-precision contouring that takes into account the pattern.
Spot-facing Can you use spot-facing to lower the module height with LSI? All of Satosen's routing machinery are loaded with Z-axis sensors to measure depth of board and can machine deep down beneath the top layer, so high-precision spot-face machining is no problem.
High frequency We are considering a high-frequency application. Can Satosen reduce the noise that often accompanies such applications? With its high-frequency circuit design, materials selection, layered construction and pattern-based impedance simulation, Satosen is able to provide noise reduction by means of impedance matching. We also provide quality assurance through our impedance measuring boards.
High frequency Can Satosen come up with a design that involves 10 GHz or greater frequency? Satosen has a design simulator that can work with high frequency waves and also possesses a proven track record built over many years when it comes to mass-production of gigahertz applications.
LED luminosity We'd like to enhance the luminosity of our LEDs. Can you do this? There are two main types of methods for improving LED luminosity.
The first involves improving the degree of reflection. The main ways of achieving this involve base materials, plating and solder resistance.
With the second, it is necessary to lower the LED junction temperature. Heat dissipation is made possible through pattern design, the selection of heat-dissipating materials and establishment of conductor thickness. Using its proprietary circuit board shapes, Satosen is also able to improve luminance.
Heat dissipation We'd like to mount some devices that generate a lot of heat. Does Satosen have any methods for effectively dissipating this heat? It is necessary to lower the junction temperature of the device to be loaded. Heat dissipation is made possible through pattern design, the selection of heat-dissipating materials and establishment of conductor thickness. Satosen has also put together a diverse range of base materials, including metals and CEM3.
Miniaturization We use rigid printed circuit boards and flexible printed circuit boards. Can Satosen further miniaturize these and cut costs? Yes. With the integrated rigid-flex printed circuit board, which utilizes a flexible circuit board as a part of its multi-layer substrate, costs are lessened, including for miniaturization and mounting.
Mounting When mounting, what are the defective causes of solder wettability? Possible causes would include enlargement of the alloy layer with lead-free solder and black pad formation on the nickel layer of flash gold plating. With lead-free solder, control of the composition of the soldering pot and temperature are critical. For flash gold plating, control of pre-processing and fluid management of the nickel pot are essential.
Mounting For general mounting, do you have any way to improve yields? At the measuring stage, we create pattern designs that make for ease of mounting.
Mounting Does Satosen have a way to improve yields when mounting flip chips? Satosen utilizes film solder resists to create dams, and these have the effect of creating C4 solder shorts and package concurrence.
Magnetism Can Satosen decrease the magnetism that comes with flash gold plating? To decrease magnetism, Satosen may choose to utilize a nickel plating solution. To totally get rid of this, Satosen can provide special gold plating.
Protection against dust Does Satosen have a contouring method suitable for dust-sensitive optical devices? As a general rule, we suggest powderless routing. With its optimization of router programs and dust collection technology used during and after machining, Satosen has a proven track record when it comes to mass production of optical systems.


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Design Besides Gerber, what kind of data formats does Satosen work with? We also work with DXF, DWG, and COB++.
Design Can Satosen carry out back annotation to CAE? Yes. We work with OrCAD Capture and BSchl.
Delivery Our company really needs to get the circuit boards back as soon as possible. How fast can you get them to us? Satosen offers a quick delivery services for time-sensitive jobs. For more information, please see the CONTACT FORM.
Delivery If, after we place our order, we find that we need to receive the product sooner that anticipated, can you speed up the delivery time? Yes. We also have an express production line, so we can move your order to this line.
Quantity Can Satosen produce single circuit boards? Yes. Satosen is able to produce small lots of multiple products.
Cost Are your ordering costs competitive? Because Satosen handles everything from trial manufacture to mass production in-house, our ordering costs are minimal.
UL Is Satosen UL-approved? Yes.
We are a UL-certified plant.