The thinner, the better


If you look forward to a supplier who is familiar with thin PCB/Substrate in small or mid-volume, SATOSEN can be your best option.
Some particular industries always search for solution of “miniaturization”. We can support you with thin PCB from NPI stage.

Our experience:

6 layer / LVH 50um / Total thickness 240um                                                        

4 layer / LVH 50um / Total thickness 150um

2 layer / LVH 65um / Total thickness 100um

Application (e.g.): Medical Device / Sensor

Build-up PCB Up to 6 layer less than 250um


If you are looking for PCB supplier being capable of build-up structure in LOW to MID volume, SATOSEN must be a good choice to you.                      

ex. Hearing aids

Medical device is one of industries which requires thin build-up structure due to limitation of size and thickness. SATOSEN can support you from NPI stage with proactive engineering support based on various experience of medical-use PCB manufacturing.
We can share the detail of our capability with you, please contact us anytime . 

ex. Drone

Satosen can maintain 100% workforce in this COVID-19 outbreak situation.

We manufacture in Japan where is a good option for BCP/BCM point of view.

Satosen Japan – pcb technology news


Season’s Greetings !

Many thank s for your continuous support.


How was the year of 2017 for you?

We hope that it was very nice.


It has been 4 years since we exhibited in Electronica/Germany and Semicon West/USA to introduced our unique technologies.

Thanks to you, It has been going very well and we could gain a lot of business opportunities with many customers of various countries.


The biggest topic of this year to us was that we could have a new owner, where is very active in new technologies development.

We could obtain the enviroment to work even more proactively and keep growing.


May your holidays be peaceful and your New Year prosperous.

We look forward to working together in 2018.


Please be advised that our office will be closed from December 29th through January 4th, 2018.


Thank you.


Satosen Japan – pcb technology news

Which season do you like the best? I like all of the seasons, but above all, I love autumn the best. The weather is just perfect and during the autumn season in Japan, you can see beautiful fall foliage. Daytime autumn leaves is good,but night also is good.
Contrast of illuminated leaves and temples are very fantastic. Above picture is taken in Kyoto.

Today’s topic is plating type of Stretchable PCB

This circuit is made of copper plating, so the resistance is very row.
Base material is high heat resistance type so it can go through normal reflow process.

Stretchability of plating type is comparatively lower than silver paste type, but it still strectahble. We enhanced thermal performance to base material of plating type and it can withstand relow temp. Also it is no change in resistance after stretching.

If you need further clarifications, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

Satosen Japan – pcb technology news


Happy Halloween!

It is getting colder and colder every day in Japan.You can easily get sick when the seasons change. Please take care of yourself.

Recently, I have started taking up Japanese calligraphy class as a hobby. We can learn not noly calligraphy but also painting in this class.
This is a picture with Halloween as a theme using calligraphy.
It is really fun. Please try Japanese calliraphy, if you have a chance.



Todays engineering topic is Nanobond.
It enables to make plating on various material surface.It is the way of making image with the ink directly follow by plating . It is very simplified and short process only.
It is also friendly to the material surface because of no etching process required.
Ink cotains Pd catalist which is disperced cosistently in it. Only the area with printed ink pattern ill have flash Cu plating.Any electrolytic plating options can be replied on flash Cu plating. Because of copper plating, the resistance is lower than that of Cu.conductive paste and spattering.
Interface between plating and the material is very smother than that of conventional method. (Plese refer to the difference in photo at right. So it is popular to use for precise sensing device and technologies and also antenna for RFID application etc.

Above is pull strength of copper on each material.We recently suceed to make plating on PPS and COP and confirmed the stregth was 5N and 3N.Although we can not disclose at this moment, envolved latest technology is also present with this.We hope we can introduce in face to face.

If you have any enquiries/RFQ please feel free to contact with us.


Satosen Japan – pcb technology news-


Hi 🙂
Have you ever visited famous theme park named Universal Studios Japan?
We call it USJ and it has dramatically increased the number of spectators for three consecutive years
thanks to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Minion Park , Cool Japan animations and other special events.
Now it is the most popular  theme park in Japan.
FYI, our company is located very near from USJ.

So here goes the main part.
This is one of special technologies on hand.
With this technology, you can obtain circuit on stechable material such as urethan.
This is not normal FPC(Flexible Printed Circuit board)  since it is more flexible and strechable

We have introduced this technology in various opportunities(exhibisions and B to B matching etc)
and these our efforts are steadily bearing fruits.
In fact, we are doing specific business discussion with more than 20clients in domestic and oversea.

The sooner, the better!
Please don’t miss it.

Please feel free to ask us for any enquiries/RFQ about these solutions.
Thank you for reading !

Satosen Japan – pcb technology news-


Hi 🙂 It is Natsu Matsuri (summer festival) season in Japan!
There are up to 300,000 festivals throughout Japan therefore, it is held almost everday at somewhere in Japan.
Almost  Matsuri” events are held for worshipping Gods or Buddha, otherwise for gratitude towards nature.
At the festival, there are a lot of interesting spots to experience.
You can enjoy Japanese traditional foods and games from a lot of options at each shop(called as ‘Yatai’ in Japanese).
You can also see large scale of fireworks from any places.

Myself went to Tenjin Maturi , which is one of lagest scale of festival in Osaka and it was really fun.
I highly recommend you to visit Japan to experience Natsu Matsuri in Summer season.

So here goes the main part.
For today’s topic, we would like to introduce Ultra thin PCB !

We developped ultra thin PCB using FaradFlex, which was developped by Oak Mitsui in 2003.
Thinnest dierectric part is only 8um , and we can make circuit and through hole on it.It does not contain glass cloth like FR-4, so that know how to process and sensitivehandling are required.
Although we have been originally familiar to make thin PCB solutions, this is the thinnest.
We know it contributes to minituiarization for your various solutions.
This is meta-material and can be used for various thin applications such as Mems devises (microphone and ALS etc)   EBG(Electromagnetic Band Gap) Anntena for RF modules etc. In fact , some electronics cooperation in Japan are interested in this technologies and we have started business discussion with them.We are now seeking the demand and customers in worldwide.
If you are interested in this technologies please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time

Reference(X-sec of Mems Microphone)

Thank you for reading !

Satosen -PWB Technology News -June



Hello everyone !!

Now Japan is in the celebration mood because of the birth of a giant
panda cub at Tokyo Ueno zoo and it has been five years since the last birth of a cub in 2012.
Its sex remains unknown, but both mother and cub are very well.
Everyone wish panda cub’s healthy growth and this kind of cheering news will continue.

So here goes the main part.
For today’s topic, we would like to introduce high heat dissipation PCB that can be utilized for high power module.

1. Embedded thick copper into organic PCB material(Already mass productio)

By adding copper filled via on top and bottom you can make
3layers PCB for high heat dissipation.
Cilinder volume of combination (Cu filled Via + Copper slug + Cu filled via)
is key for heat dissipation and thick copper is for thermal storage.

2. Structure with copper piller(Started mass production)

We can directly insert piller into holes.
Conventional one is done for pin insertion one by one(hole by hole)
It was pushed into holes by pressure and It often caused damage on plating wall in PTH.
We can make it all the pillers at one time by using particular tools.
Method to fix piller in holes are by using adhesive,
Therefore it never give damage to plating wall of PTH.
Cilnder volume of pin pillar is key for high heat dissipation.

Please feel free to ask us for any enquiries/RFQ about these solutions.
Thank you for reading!