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Hi 🙂
Have you ever visited famous theme park named Universal Studios Japan?
We call it USJ and it has dramatically increased the number of spectators for three consecutive years
thanks to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Minion Park , Cool Japan animations and other special events.
Now it is the most popular  theme park in Japan.
FYI, our company is located very near from USJ.

So here goes the main part.
This is one of special technologies on hand.
With this technology, you can obtain circuit on stechable material such as urethan.
This is not normal FPC(Flexible Printed Circuit board)  since it is more flexible and strechable

We have introduced this technology in various opportunities(exhibisions and B to B matching etc)
and these our efforts are steadily bearing fruits.
In fact, we are doing specific business discussion with more than 20clients in domestic and oversea.

The sooner, the better!
Please don’t miss it.

Please feel free to ask us for any enquiries/RFQ about these solutions.
Thank you for reading !