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Hi 🙂 It is Natsu Matsuri (summer festival) season in Japan!
There are up to 300,000 festivals throughout Japan therefore, it is held almost everday at somewhere in Japan.
Almost  Matsuri” events are held for worshipping Gods or Buddha, otherwise for gratitude towards nature.
At the festival, there are a lot of interesting spots to experience.
You can enjoy Japanese traditional foods and games from a lot of options at each shop(called as ‘Yatai’ in Japanese).
You can also see large scale of fireworks from any places.

Myself went to Tenjin Maturi , which is one of lagest scale of festival in Osaka and it was really fun.
I highly recommend you to visit Japan to experience Natsu Matsuri in Summer season.

So here goes the main part.
For today’s topic, we would like to introduce Ultra thin PCB !

We developped ultra thin PCB using FaradFlex, which was developped by Oak Mitsui in 2003.
Thinnest dierectric part is only 8um , and we can make circuit and through hole on it.It does not contain glass cloth like FR-4, so that know how to process and sensitivehandling are required.
Although we have been originally familiar to make thin PCB solutions, this is the thinnest.
We know it contributes to minituiarization for your various solutions.
This is meta-material and can be used for various thin applications such as Mems devises (microphone and ALS etc)   EBG(Electromagnetic Band Gap) Anntena for RF modules etc. In fact , some electronics cooperation in Japan are interested in this technologies and we have started business discussion with them.We are now seeking the demand and customers in worldwide.
If you are interested in this technologies please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time

Reference(X-sec of Mems Microphone)

Thank you for reading !